The Neuromantics – Episode 2

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Welcome, listeners, new and nearly new, to The Neuromantics.

Here‘s the second episode of what will be – we promise – a monthly podcast about literature, neuroscientific research and the surprising correspondences between the two in identifying and exploring fundamental traits of human communication.

The idea: we give each other homework. I have to read a scientific paper and Sophie has to read some poetry or a story. We then see how they inform each other. There is music by Michael Caines and there will be guests in the future. We thank the Royal Society of Literature for the generous award of a Literature Matters grant that will make editing, presentation, and live events (!), possible.

In Episode 2, we’re looking at: “The Construction of Autobiogaphical Memories in the Self-Memory System” by M. A. Conway and C. W. Pleydell-Pearce (2000), and the Induction (spoken by “Rumour”) to King Henry IV Part 2 by William Shakespeare. Topics covered in our discussion include: event-specific knowledge, general knowledge, smell, music, rumour, lies and recognition, personification, gossip and socialisation, and the truth basis of language. We hope you enjoy it.

Comments (clean, constructive) more than welcome and do, please, spread the word. We’re on iTunes.