The Neuromantics - Episode 1

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Welcome to The Neuromantics – a monthly podcast for writers, psychologists, neuroscientists, poets, philosophers, comedians, musicians, and anyone interested in the exchange of ideas.

The idea: a free-ranging conversation between Professor Sophie Scott ( and @sophiescott) of the Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience at UCL and Will Eaves about the brain, the mind, language, gesture, and communication as a fundamental property of science, literature and the arts.

The format: roughly 30 mins of chat with musical stings in the punning style of the podcast title by Michael Caines. Sophie shares a bit of research. Will brings along a poem, story, speech, or essay. There will be guests in the future. There will be events.

In Episode One, we think about processes in science and writing – the general picture of mistake-making – and revisit both Alan Newell‘s 1973 paper, “You Can’t Play Twenty Questions with Nature and Win” (read it here: and U. A. Fanthorpe’s Christmas poem, “The Sheepdog” (2002).

We hope you enjoy The Neuromantics. Sharpen your pencil-mike and leave a comment. Keep it clean.