‘The world is coming out of trance . . .’

‘The narrator of Murmur is a mathematician and computer pioneer in pre-1960s Britain. Sentenced to hormone therapy for the “crime” of being gay, Alec Pryor is very obviously standing in for the computer genius and codebreaker Alan Turing. The book is a disorientating and hallucinatory exploration of a mind warped by the oestrogen medication stilboestrol, the treatment forced on Turing. An extraordinary exploration of dreams, consciousness, science and the future.’
     – Rowan Hooper, New Scientist Books of the Year

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  • Murmur and Lucia, by Alex Pheby (Galley Beggar Press), jointly win Republic of Consciousness Prize 2019

  • Murmur is shortlisted for the Wellcome Book Prize 2019 and James Tait Black Prize 2019.

  • US Publication of Murmur: April 9, Bellevue Literary Press:

  • The Neuromantics podcast, with Prof Sophie Scott, receives a RSL Literature Matters Award: Episode 2 now available.